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property preservation

Property Preservation Service, LLC provides services such as occupancy status, property condition analysis, cash-for-keys programs, data for BPOs, standard or reinforced board up services, locksmith, repair and remodeling, lawn service, trash out and debris removal, vehicle removal, winterization, plumbing and more. We insure every project is carefully documented with before and after photos which are then sent electronically along with your paperwork. Our client's satisfaction is our pride. We are here to serve you.

Average Project Completion Time is 12 to 24 Hours
We are here to satisfy our clients

Our objective is to help our clients by keeping their costs low. We make sure your property is in good care during the REO, default, and foreclosure process.

Our Services:

property management
Occupancy Status -

Our occupancy status is free of charge and is supported by photos.

Property Condition Reports -

We provide our clients with conditions reports free of charge.

Cash-For-Keys Programs -

Free of charge service for our clients.

Data for BPO's -

Clients are provided with all the data for a BPO hassle free.

Standard or Reinforced Board Up Services -

All properties are boarded according to HUD/FHA guidelines.

Locksmith -

Complete re-key services on any property with an approximate 24 hr turn around time. This service consists of re-keying existing locks with specific key codes to prevent unauthorized entry into the property.

Repair and Remodeling -

We provide repairing services to the property to prevent unauthorized entry.

Lawn Services -

Our service provides mowing grass, removal of clippings from the lawn, walkway, and driveways, edging of walkways, and trimming of shrubbery and bushes.

Trash Out/Debris Removal -

Complete trash outs and debris removal on interior and exterior of the property per request of client. All areas requested will be documented with photos from initial to final stage of sanitation.

Unwanted Car Removal -

Vehicles are removed in accordance with local ordinances.

Winterization/Plumbing -

We provide both wet and dry winterization and plumbing system preservation. Winterization warning labels are applied to sinks, toilets, hot water heaters and other plumbing mechanisms. We provide full photo documentation, before and after services, to our clients.

Eviction -

Janitorial Services -

Mold Remediation -

Complete Repairs/Rehabs -

Emergency Services -

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Please select the contact method that is most convenient for you. Our office is located in Tucker, Georgia at the following address:

Property Preservation Service, LLC

2052 Idlewood Road
Tucker, GA 30084
Office Phone: 678.205.0358
Fax: 678.638.0969
Email: gustavo@ppssvcs.com